Dwayne Johnson Returns To 7-Eleven Where He Used To Steal As A Kid


Dwayne Johnson returned to a 7-Eleven store back in November 2022. It is the same store where he used to steal a lot when he was a kid.

He shared a video on his Instagram account alongside some pictures from 7-Eleven in Hawaii. It is a place he used to visit frequently.

Johnson wrote in the caption that he had correct whatever he did wrong in Hawaii after all these years and that he always had regret for stealing snickers from the store.

In the Instagram video, Johnson was on his way to the store and he said that he was waiting for the moment for a long time.

The Black Adam star recalled that he was around 14 years old when he used to stop by 7-Eleven and stole Snickers bar for his inability to purchase one.

Johnson said that it was his pre-workout food and decided to pay for the groceries of the rest of the customers who came for purchase at the store.

He mentioned that he was feeling good after coming back to the store and that he was able to exorcise the demon that was disturbing him in all these years.

Johnson ended by saying that it is impossible to change the past and everyone has done something wrong in their lives but it is good to add some redeeming grace note to those situations.

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