Dwayne Johnson Shocked After Kevin Hart Reveals He Wears Women Pants In Public


Dwayne Johnson is one of Hollywood's superstars and most priced gems. Starting his career with being a top fighter at WWE, Johnson has now made his way up to the top of Hollywood.

One of the best Comedians of our time, Kevin Hart surely knows how to make one laugh with his perfectly timed jokes.

Dwayne Johnson, also known as "The Rock" and Kevin Hart are the perfect duo when it comes to friendship, both on and off screen.

The two are known to joke around with each other, one commenting on the other's height and the other on his size, which by the way, the fans love.

During a promotion event of their movie 'DC League of Super-Pets,' Lad Bible had set Johnson and Hart against each other in a friendly face off, discussing about some of internet's hot topics.

There, Hart strongly agreed that being too short as compared to too small is better, as its easier to get better fit sizes..

With this, Hart also said that even women's sizes fit him good. And he revealed that he has, in fact, worn women's pants before.

Hart also commented that they made his "ass feel amazing." And Dwayne was definitely thunderstruck at that.

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