Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson breaks silence on WWE sale


On 17 January Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson came on CNBC news channel to talk promote his Zoa energy drink.

Along with the promotion, the hosts asked the former wrestler turned actor about the future sales of WWE, especially with the return of Vince McMahon. 

Vince McMahon is the majority owner and executive chairman of WWE.

Dwyane was asked what might fans expect of the sale of the Stamford-based company with Vince back in the limelight. 

To which The Rock answered, "I continued to wrestle for Vince too so we’ve seen tremendous success over the years. I think it’s a very attractive company, I’m excited and I wish Vince and that company all the best."

However the co-host of the show, David Faber, raised concern that the WWE sale might be afected if Vince would not be able to "seperate himself from the WWE".

Dwyane agreed, "The fan base is very large and very passionate and there’s nothing like the WWE so I think with the new owners, if there are new owners, and acquirers that are gonna come in, I think they have to share that same passion for the company and for the world of pro wrestling which isn’t always easy to do."

Dwyane also shared the wrestling history of the family with CNBC, "for your viewers here in the business world who may not know, the lineage goes way back, multi-generational with the WWE. My grandfather wrestled for Vince McMahon Sr. in the 70s, my dad wrestled for Vince McMahon in the 80s and then I came along with my bad haircut and fanny pack..."

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