Ed Sheeran Reveals His Wife Was Diagnosed With A Tumor While Pregnant


Ed Sheeran has recently revealed through Instagram on Wednesday that his wife Cherry Seaborn was diagnosed with a tumor when she was pregnant.

Sheeran wrote in the social media post that a series of events changed his life in 2022 and this allowed him to express about his thoughts in his new album, Subtract.

He added that within a month, his wife told him that she had a tumor with no option for treatment until after the birth.

Sheeran also addressed the demise of Jamal Edwards in February 2022 and described him as his brother and best friend.

Sheeran mentioned at the time that he would not be there without Edwards personally and professionally and there will never be anything close to what he is but is grateful to have existed within his orbit.

He also spoke about defending his career as a songwriter in a copyright case linked to Shape of You, where he emerged as a winner in 2022.

Ed Sheeran continued by saying that he was undergoing fear, depression and anxiety at the time and he felt like he was drowning with his head below the surface, looking up but was not able to break through for air.

He ended by stating that he wrote without thought of what the songs could be and wrote whatever tumbled out. He added that in a week, he replaced a decade’s worth of work with his deepest darkest thoughts.

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