Eddie Murphy Takes A Dig At Will Smith For Oscars Slap


Lately there has been no event that goes by without invoking the 2022 Oscar  slap controversy. This time the joke was made by the one-and-only Eddie Murphy. 

He took a a direct dig at Will Smith in his acceptance speech.  The clip as gone viral on internet. 

The American actor and comedian Eddie Murphy received the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes 2023. 

“"One, pay your taxes. Two, mind your business. Three, keep Will Smith’s wife’s name out your f***ing mouth!” Eddie said as his advice for success, longevity and prosperity. 

The audience were ecstatic and surprised at hearing the joke made at the expense of Will Smith.  The awed spectators laughed at the joke.

Infamous Oscar incident is where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for a joke about his wife's alopecia, a hair loss condition. 

Fans agreed that the comedian stole the show with his joke and agreed that he would be the only one to make a genuinely funny joke at the expense of Will Smith. 

Earlier, the show host Jerrod Carmichael also made a joke, by saying that Will Smith be given the Rock Hudson award for portrayal of masculinity on television . 

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