Elon Musk Fires Engineer After Decline In Twitter Engagement

Nishant Bhise

Twitter is in a flux since Elon Musk took over the company after $44 billion deal.

When he took over Twitter as the new CEO, the company started losing money after advertisers started pulling out.

So, Elon Musk started the saga of firing employees in November 2022. In the first batch, he sacked around 3,700 employees.

After that, he also fired janitors, contract workers, and many veteran engineers.

He also fired two engineers who criticized him publicly on Twitter for his policies.

When Elon Musk thought that engagement has reduced on Twitter, he introduced the 'View Count' feature in December 2022.

After two months, the billionaire saw less engagement on his Twitter handle, so he called all engineers and advisors for a meeting.

During the meeting, he reprimanded the engineers for less impressions despite more than 100 million followers,

When an engineer tried to explain that there is no case of shadowbanning via the Google Trends, he yelled 'You're fired, you're fired'.

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