Elon Musk Responds To US Shooting Down Mysterious Flying Objects


Elon Musk is known for writing hilarious, weird and often controversial tweets.

Amid the gunning down of several mysterious flying objects by the US government, Musk has given his two cents.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, the South African billionaire wrote: “Don’t worry, just some of my Alien friends of mine stopping by …” 

The Tesla CEO used an alien and UFO emoji in the tweet for style.

The unidentified flying object was shot down by Air Force and National Guard pilots in Lake Huron, Michigan.

It has been a third such incident in a matter of weeks. Earlier, an object of a size of a small car was shot down by fighter jets.

Last month, a giant Chinese spy balloon was seen drifting on the sky for days. On February 4, an F-22 jet shot down the ballon around the South Carolina coast.

China responded by saying that it was for weather reporting.

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