Elon Musk Sold The Twitter Bird Statue In An Auction


Musk has made several dramatic changes in Twitter, ever since he took over in late 2022.

The billionaire has sold the company’s iconic bird logo statue in an auction. The company memorabilia was sold for $100,000 in an auction.

The auction was held to remove surplus items in the San Francisco office which includes furnitures, kitchen supplies, electronics, and memorabilia.

Of the 600 items sold, the bird logo was the most expensive one.

Apart from the nearly four-foot-tall statue, the second most expensive item sold was a 10-foot neon Twitter bird display for $40,000.

Several other items were also sold from the San Francisco office to cut costs.

Right after he took over, Musk fired people, and has even stopped paying rents and company vendors to cut costs.

Advertisers have been distancing themselves from the platform which resulted in revenue loss.

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