Pamela Anderson Says Producers of 2017 Baywatch Movie Were 'Bullying' Her 


Emily Ratajkowski is known to speak her mind and call a spade a spade. She is also always in the news about her personal life and dates.

Anderson has recently revealed that she was bullied by the team of Baywatch for her cameo appearance in the film.

According to Anderson, the producers of the film forced her to appear for the cameo without being paid for the role.

She said that it was an awful moment as they were making the request in the form of a demand and she replied that she does it only for ‘animals.’

Pamela Anderson mentioned that she eventually agreed to do the cameo without any dialogue and was not in a situation to charge anything for the role.

She said that the film’s producers earned a lot from the box office collections and she did not have the representation at the time.

Anderson’s character appeared towards the end of the film where she was showcased in slow-motion and introduced as the new captain of the team.

Earlier this week, Emily was caught kissing comedian-actor Eric Andre at a beach in Palm Heights in Grand Cayman.

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