Eminem’s Long Time Stunt Double Ryan Shepard Gets Fatally Hit by a Truck


Eminem’s stunt double Ryan Shepard recently died at the age of 40 following an accident where he was hit by a truck as he was crossing the road.

His brother Kyle revealed in an interview with TMZ that he was immediately taken to the hospital but was confirmed to be dead on spot.

Reports say that the incident happened on January 31 that Ryan was crossing Olympia Street in Kennewick, Washington and the truck driver was unharmed.

Eminem and Shepard collaborated back in the 2000s and Shaprd was mostly known for being the stunt double along with photo double and stand-in of Eminem.

Ryan was also popular for being Eminem’s superhero alter-ego, Rap Boy. He then appeared on stage with Eminem during his Anger Management Tour back in 2002.

Shepard was then featured in a music video of Purple Hills by D12 where he appeared as Eminem’s clone. He had a long list of work experience.

According to Kyle, Ryan was previously a test automation engineer at Elon Musk’s SpaceX. He was also a ride mechanical engineer at Disney.

Ryan Shepard also worked in the engineering field and was also a comic book writer. His memorial was held on February 4 and his survivors include his two kids.

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