Emma Heming Speaks Out After Husband Bruce Willis Was Harassed By Paparazzi


Emma Heming recently recorded a video in response to her husband Bruce Willis being photographed during a rare outing with friends this week.

Heming posted the video as she was trying to get some advice on keeping Bruce safe while out in public. She questioned if there were any tips or advice on how to get the loved ones out in the world safely.

The video was shot on Saturday morning and she was wearing pajamas and she even acknowledged the challenges of taking care.

Heming mentioned that if there is someone suffering from dementia, it is difficult and stressful for someone to get others to be taken out into the world and navigate them safely.

Emma also referenced her husband who was photographed during an outing to a coffee shop in Santa Monica, California last week.

She stated that she has read the headlines and there is a video of her husband Bruce Willis getting some coffee with a few friends that did a stand-up job of protecting him.

She said that people need to get some education and said that she wants to say something to the photographers and the video people who are trying to get exclusives of her husband.

Emma Heming requested the ones recording a video to not ask her husband on how he is doing and asked them to give him some space.

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