Endeavor Vs All Might: Who Will Win In A Fight?


All Might is the former number 1 hero in Japan.He is also the eighth holder of the One For All Quirk. He however passed it down to Deku or Izuku Midoriya. He then used up all the embers of the remaining power he had and retired as a hero. 

Endeavor or Enji Todoroki is the father of Shoto Todoroki and is currently the number 1 hero. He was the number 2 hero for a very long time, even though he had the highest tally of solved cases..  It was only after All Might retired that he temporarily became the top hero. 

It is a very difficult answer who would win in a fight as both the heroes have their merit and unique powers. Despite being the number two hero, Endeavour is not significantly weaker than All Might. 

However, when it comes down to an all-out battle, chances are that All Might will win the battle. Despite Endeavour's excessively powerful firepower, All Might's One For All Quirk gives him an edge. 

As most fans might already know, the holder of One For All can use the tips and tricks of the previous holders of the quirk.

For instance, Deku was able to use the black whip attack which was the attack of the previous holder of the quirk.

Endeavour's quirk is not to be taken lightly however, he has extremely powerful flames and he is also very agile and strong physically.

But when it comes down to an all-out battle, involving the quirks of both of them, All Might's quirk is something that Endeavour will not be able to handle as a result, will lose. 

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