Evan Rachel Wood Denies Pressuring Marilyn Manson Accuser Who Changed Her Statement


Evan Rachel Wood has recently clarified that she never pressurized Marilyn Manson accuser Ashley Morgan Smithline to make allegations against the musician after the woman recanted her statement.

Responding to a previous filing by Smithline, Wood mentioned in a declaration filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court that she was not linked to Smithline before October 2020.

She mentioned that she did not meet her and has no idea on who she is before Smithline commented on one of her March 2019 posts where she spoke about the abuse she was victim of.

The statement along with other social media interactions were also added in the filing and Wood denied that she influenced Smithline’s allegations.

She stated that she never pressurized or manipulated Ashley to accuse Plaintiff Brian Warner and to make accusations that were false.

The filings are a part of a lawsuit from Manson against Wood and Illma Gore and comes a month after another lawsuit against Manson from Smithline was dismissed.

Smithline mentioned in her lawsuit that she was manipulated by Wood and others to accuse Manson of s*xual and physical abuse.

Wood was last seen as Madonna in the 2022 biographical parody film, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, which was directed by Eric Appel.

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