Family Feud Contestant Charged With Murdering Wife Joked About Marriage On Show


A video clip of a Family Feud contestant has recently went viral where he was joking about his marriage in the popular game show.

According to reports, the individual ended up killing his wife later. The individual has been identified as Timothy Bliefnick who was made fun of by the audience as he joked about the mistake he committed by marrying Rebecca Bliefnick.

During the episode that aired in 2020, host Steve Harvey asked him about the biggest mistake he made at his wedding and Timothy replied with a witty answer.

He replied by saying that he said he loves her but said ‘I do’. This led to a response from the audience where they gasped. He clarified that he spoke the wrong words, saying that he loves his wife.

Timothy appeared on the show with his mother, father and brothers and he was looking entirely different due to his short hairstyle and friendly appearance.

A mugshot was released before the footage went viral where Timothy was accused of murdering his wife and mother of his three children.

The clip from the show resurfaces while Timothy was arrested on Monday for shooting Rebecca back at her residence in Illinois.

Rebecca was discovered dead inside her home with gunshot wounds and was found by her family members who were worried about her wellbeing when she failed to pick up her kids from the school.

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