Fans, LGBTQ advocates turn on Beyoncé over concert in Dubai

BY Sumi Deka

Beyonce’s recent concert at Dubai managed to receive a positive response from the public. However, she also landed herself in some controversy.

UAE has put strict restrictions on LGBTQ rights and although her fans and activists were happy to see her back on stage, a few others were not satisfied with the venue where she performed.

LGB Alliance co-founder Bev Jackson said that he was disappointed and mentioned that if he had $500 million, he would never go to perform for being offered $35 million.

Journalist Abigail Firth also responded and called it a wrong choice. Gay bar owner Lawrence Batron said that the singer should have considered the LGBTQ legislation in the country.

Beyonce recently released her latest album, Renaissance which was prasied for paying respect to the queer culture. She even dedicated the album to her children and husband, LGBTQ members and Uncle Johnny, who was gay.

Beyonce is popular for supporting LGBTQ rights in all these years. She has supported queer artists like MNEK, Big Freedia and Messy Mya.

During her performance at Dubai, she was also joined by her daughter Blue Ivy on stage. Ivy is also a singer like her mother.

Renaissance has managed to receive a decent feedback from critics and audiences and has already reached on top of the Billboard charts.

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