Films Based On The Life Of Marilyn Monroe

Films Based On The Life Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn (1963)    Marilyn was released as a documentary film consisting of anthology pieces of interviews about the seductress. It was produced by 20th Century Fox.

The Legend Of Marilyn Monroe(1965)     This documentary film was special for John Huston, the narrator as he directed Marilyn for her first and last complete film.

Marilyn: The Untold Story(1980)          The film was made for television in 1980. Catherine Hicks played the role of the bombshell actress.

Blonde(2001)        Another film made for television was 'Blonde' in 2001. Poppy Montgomery played the role of the late actress. The film was adapted from the Pulitzer Prize nominated book 'Blonde' by Joyes Carol Oates

M(2018)         M was a 2018 Finnish film loosely based on the last days of Marilyn Monroe. The film was conceived by Anna Eriksson, a Finnish pop star. The film was screened at Venice Film Festival.

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