Fims And Documentaries On Jeffrey Dahmer Apart From The New Netflix Series

Ryan Murphy is coming with Netflix crime drama 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story'  based on the Milwaukee Cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer., who murdered and dismembered 17 boys and meen between 1978-99.

The Trial Of Jeffrey Dahmer Serial Killer (Documentary)        In 1992, director Elkan Allan documented the real life trial and news footage to bring the trial of the serial killer to audience's knowledge. The trial began on January 30th, 1992.  

Raising Jeffrey Dahmer:        In 2006, Rich Ambler brought us a fictionalized story of the cannibal focusing on Dahmer's family and what all unfolded.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files:     This docu-film was released in 2012. Directed by Chris James Thompson, Andrew Swant played the titular character. The film focuses on people thjat surrounded Dahmer before and after the crime.

My Friend Dahmer:     Marc Meyers brought us a riveting tale of the young Jeffrey. The film deals with the youth of Jeffrey and how the early events led to gruesome psyche,

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