Five Jutsus That Can Defeat Susanoo In ‘Naruto'


Albeit simple and easy to understand, 'Naruto'  has one of the best powers shown in anime. One such power is the Susanoo.

A Susanoo is used by someone who has the Mangekyo Sharingan. It is one of the strongest powers in the show.

The Uchiha clan is famous for its Susanoo. A few members such as Madara, Sasuke, and Itachi are the most known. Kakashi is the only non-Uchiha to use the Susanoo.

5) Eighth Gate Released Form The eight gates are a part of Taijutsu as opposed to Ninjutsu. Guy was able to defeat Madara when Ninjutsu didn't work against him.

4) Six-Path Sage Mode Naruto with this power was able to defeat Madara who was in the ten-tails form and was able to resuscitate Guy back to life. It is one of the strongest jutsu in the entire anime.

3) Ten Tails Jinchuriki Ten tails are the strongest of all the tailed beasts. Uchiha Madara as the ten tails jinchuriki was nearly invincible and no Ninjutsu seemed to work against him.

2) Baryon Mode This form burned away at Kurama's life energy, but it granted Naruto enough power that he became stronger than the Ōtsutsuki clan.

1)  Shinsuusenju Hashirama once fought Madara with this form.  Hashirama managed to overwhelm and defeat Kurama who was armed with Susanoo without any external help.

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