Gerard Piqué Admits That He Is Puppet Of His Girlfriend, Clara Chia


It has been a while since Gerard Piqué split with his long time partner, Shakira. 

However, the former football player was quick moving on as he started dating another woman, Clara Chia, soon.

In a recent interview with the Spanish streamer,  Ibai Llanos, Gerard opened up about his releationship with Clara.

Discussing the footballer's wardrobe, Gerard shared, "The truth is I go with my girlfriend to the shops and she buys them for me”.

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Jokingly Gerard also admitted, "I'm a puppet" to Clara. 

Shakira was heartbroken when she and Gerard broke up. The split led the singer to release a diss track with Bizzarrap.

Gerard has two sons with his ex-girlfriend Shakira. The children are currently with the singer. 

Shakira finds it comforting that she can rely on her sons at this time of sadness. Moreover, the Grammy award winner tries to keep the negetive news of her breakup away from her sons.

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