Gerard Piqué Mocks Shakira’s Break-Up Song


Gerard Piqué has responded to his ex Shakira's viral song about him by collaborating with the Renault Twingo car.

Shakira blamed her split from Piqué on their successful careers. Last year, they issued an official statement saying, "We regret to confirm that we are separating."

Shakira dropped a new song titled 'Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53,' which mocks Piqué with the lyrics, "I was out of your league, which is why you're with someone just like you. You swapped a Ferrari for a [Renault] Twingo/You swapped a Rolex for a Casio.”

In response to Shakira's song, Piqué lately surprised enthusiasts by uncovering that he had convinced Casio to sponsor the Spanish King's League.

"Casio has sent us wristwatches," the defender said eventually. We reached a sponsorship agreement with Casio, the King’s League struck a deal with Casio.”

Piqué was asked if he was joking about it, to which he replied, "I'm being serious."

The song of Shakira quickly went viral, amassing over 63 million views on YouTube in 24 hours, causing it the most-watched new Latin song in YouTube history.

In response to her song's success, Shakira wrote on Instagram, "I never thought I would get straight to number one in the world at 45 years old and in Spanish."

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