Gigi Hadid Reveals Why She Is ‘Very Happy’ With Ex Zayn Malik


Popular model Gigi Hadid recently revealed that she is happy following her co-parenting arrangement with former partner Zayn Malik.

She had a daughter named Khai with Malik in September 2020 before they split in October a year later and added that she feels like she loves the girl can spend time with two parents.

While speaking to the Sunday Times on March 5, 2023, she said that she can be with both parents makes her very happy.

Speaking about her daughter, she mentioned that she has already given her a lot and that she always wanted to become a mother but was never obsessive about it or was put on this world to be a mother.

She mentioned that she has been organized and so having Khai at the time was a blessing for her and that she is glad to be a young mother.

Gigi Hadid said that her parenting set-up with Zayn keeps the importance if the child’s happiness at the forefront of their minds as “you have a long life alongside this person.”

Gigi added that she loves Khai is talking with a little English accent and added that she is a child who was grown in her stomach eating a lot of British food.

Gigi and Zayn had been in an on-and-off relationship since 2015 and while they were going through the same, Gigi was also dating Tyler Cameron and Lewis Hamilton.

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