Gods Of Destruction: From Strongest To Weakest In ‘Dragon Ball’


1) Beerus Beerus is the ruler of a weak universe in the anime, but that doesn't make him weak. His introduction itself was intimidating and amazing. He has incredible power, the extent of which still isn't clear, and is extremely smart. These traits make him the strongest god of destruction in the anime.

2) Belmod He reigns over the strongest universe in the entire series and that by default makes him one of the strongest gods of destruction. He is extremely smart and uses magic attacks that are difficult to counter. This makes him the second most powerful god of destruction. ther.

3) Champa Champa is Beerus's brother who hates him with every fiber of his being. He has massive power that he generally doesn't show and despite being a character used for comic relief, no one can deny that he is one of the strongest gods of destruction.

4) Sidra He is a god of destruction who is a stickler for rules and hates disobedient or rude people. He also possesses great defensive abilities and that makes him one of the strongest gods of destruction in the series. 

5) Quitela   Quitela is very much similar to humans in the sense that he is very crafty and would stop at nothing to achieve his way, no matter what methods he has to use. This makes him one of the most annoying gods in the entire series. 

6) Mule He is a conniving and powerful god of destruction. Having both brains and power, he is well aware of which to use in which situation. Like Heles, after losing, he bids farewell with his head held high. 

7) Heles She is one of the most unique gods of destruction in the anime. She resembles Cleopatra appearance-wise. She is regal and elegant and when her universe loses, she bids farewell to the other with a big smile. 

8) Rummshi He is one of the visually striking and appealing characters in the anime. He is an intimidating god and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He also takes his duty as a god of destruction very seriously. 

9) Glin Glin is a strange god of destruction as he is nice and values human life. This aspect alone sets him apart from the rest of the gods, but the limited screen time took the chance away from him. He has great power as a god, but he needs a proper storyline for that. 

10) Arak Arak had a hideous character design which made him noticeable. However, apart from that, he has nothing that is of notice and that makes him powerful. This is why he is tenth on the list. n.

11) Liquiir He is one of the most boring and ordinary gods of destruction in the entire series. His character design is generic and the little to no chance to show his abilities didn't do him any favors either. 

12) Iwan Iwan's character suffered quite a bit due to less screen time. He didn't get much screen time or a chance to show his powers. In addition to that, his character appearance isn't the most intimidating either. 

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