Gogeta vs Vegito: What Is The Difference Between Two Fusions?


Vegito is a fusion between Goku and Vegito, as mentioned above. This particular fusion was attained with the help of Potara earrings

Gogeta is also a fusion between Goku and Vegeta. However, unlike Vegito, this transformation was obtained through the fusion dance. 

The major difference between the two is the method with which they are obtained. Vegito is obtained through the Potara earrings. Gogeta on the other hand is obtained through the fusion dance. 

Another difference between the two is their appearance. While both of their hair is spiky and not very long, Vegito has two locks of hair hanging on his forehead. Gogeta only has one lock of hair. 

Another difference pertaining to appearance is that Vegito dons the Potara earrings through which the fusion was obtained. Gogeta has no such thing. 

Personality-wise, Vegito possesses Goku's benevolence and creativity. But he also possesses Vegeta's cockiness and confidence. Gogeta has no such specific traits, he is a mixture of Goku and Vegeta. 

Whilst Vegito likes to taunt his opponents during battle, Gogeta prefers annihilating them. Vegito enjoys prolonging the battle and humiliating his opponents, while Gogeta annihilates them with little to no words spoken. 

Apart from the way these two forms were obtained, these are the major differences that the two forms.  Hopefully, this helps the viewers to distinguish between Gogeta and Vegito. 

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