Goku Vs Superman: Who Would Win In A Fight?


Goku and Superman are two of the most popular fictional heroes of all time. Let's find out who would win in a fight between The Earth's mightiest warrior and the man of Steel 

Superman is extremely strong and like Goku, is not from Earth. Superman's major strengths include X-ray vision, enhanced physical abilities, the ability to fly, and heat vision. 

These abilities may seem simple and underwhelming, but it's the simplicity of these abilities that makes them powerful. These abilities allow Superman to fly through the center of the stars.  Superman's weaknesses are the popular kryptonite and radiation from the sun. 

 Goku is the mightiest warrior on earth. He and Superman have many similar abilities such as flight and enhanced physical abilities. In addition to this, Goku has more abilities.

He has his transformation into Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God is another strength. He also has the ultra instinct which makes him even more powerful. He has no noteworthy weaknesses that have been mentioned in the manga or the anime. But that doesn't mean that he is invincible. 

Although it is very unlikely that Superman and Goku will ever engage in combat, as both of them are heroes and wish to protect people, in a hypothetical fight between them, Goku has the upper hand. 

 However, Goku's ultra instinct is something that Superman will not be able to match. His mastered ultra instinct will give Superman a run for his money. Goku tends to overcome his limits in between a battle and that will help him in this battle as well.

Superman might have the upper hand if he manages to overwhelm Goku early in the battle as he tends to wait before fighting at full power. But as the fact remains, Goku has the upper hand in a fight between the man of Steel and the Earth's mightiest warrior. 

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