Grand Priest Vs Zeno: Who Is More Powerful In 'Dragon Ball Super'?


Grand Priest is Zeno's advisor and personal attendant and it is highly unlikely that the two will ever engage in combat. But in a hypothetical situation, let's find out who would win.

The Grand Priest is the strongest angel to ever exist and he can easily stop a god of destruction with a mere swipe of the finger.

His fighting prowess and skills are second to none. He also has divination which he can use to find out what's happening in the multiverse.

Despite the Grand Priest being this strong, it is highly unlikely that he would win in a fight between him and Zeno.

Zeno is the supreme being of all the multiverse. He has destroyed 4 universes and that is a testament to his power.

Although Zeno doesn't have combat experience and as was proven in the tournament of power arc, didn't understand much of what was happening in the tournament.

However, his lack of experience and combat abilities are made up for in sheer power. Zeno is the only creature in the entire universe who can use erase to kill anyone, even if they are immortal.

Zeno can easily defeat the Grand Priest if he uses his erase on him which means in an actual fight, Zeno will not win against the Grand Priest.

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