Granolah Vs Goku: Who Is More Powerful?


Granolah was first introduced in the series as an antagonist who later turns into an ally for Vegeta and Goku. Granolah's name is based on a cereal called 'granola'. Ironically he belongs to the planet Cereal. 

He is the only survivor of the annihilation caused by the bounty hunter and the Saiyan army which caused the entire race of Cerealians to die.  He wished to gain power and become strong enough to avenge his people by killing Frieza.

Appearance-wise, Granolah has wavy green hair. He is heterochromatic as he has one red eye and one dark green eye. He wears an eye patch over his red eye. Personality wise Granolah is a very ambitious individual and wants to avenge his people.

 That is a difficult question to answer. Granolah is most definitely one of the strongest foes that Golu has ever encountered. granolah is the only survivor of his race and has some amazing powers. He can detect someone's vital points and break their energy flow. 

Is He Stronger Than Goku?

During his fight with Goku, Granolah had the upper hand throughout. Even with Super Saiyan God Plus Ultra Instinct Goku was utterly overpowered by Granolah. The latter's x-ray vision gave him an upper hand in the battle. 

To try and defeat Granolah, Goku leveled up to Full Power Ultra  Instinct. In this form, Goku was impervious to all of Granolah's abilities including X-ray vision and vital point detection.

As it turned out, Goku was only fighting a clone of Granolah and when the real one showed up, Goku wasn't even able to detect him until he was hit. Granolah hit Goku once at a vital point and that knocked him out cold. 

Therefore it is safe to say that even at Full Power Ultra Instinct Goku wasn't able to defeat Granolah. This implies that Granolah is stronger than Goku and can defeat him. 

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