Guitarist Sophie Lloyd Denies Getting Between Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly


Sophie Lloyd has recently addressed the rumors of the accusations against her claiming that she came between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

Her management team shared a statement on her behalf saying that she is a professional and accomplished musician who has been unnecessarily dragged into controversies.

The statement mentions that the claims of her acting in an unprofessional manner are not true and it is disrespectful towards her as she is a female artist.

Megan Fox has recently been on the headlines after reports of her break up with Machine Gun Kelly and she has already deactivated her account.

Megan’s final social media post featured a few pictures of herself along with a video of an envelope being burned in a fire pit.

One of the followers commented that Kelly possibly got with Sophie and she answered by replying that she might have got with Sophie.

Fox had also deleted all the pictures and videos that featured her with Kelly including a post where she announced her engagement last year.

Lloyd has joined Kelly’s band for the Mainstream Sellout Tour last year and she has been posting several pictures of herself with the band since the time.

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