Gun Devil Vs Chainsaw Devil: Who Is More Powerful?


The chainsaw devil and the gun devil are the embodiment of the fear of chainsaws and the fear of guns respectively. Both of these devils have proved their strength, the gun devil by the number of humans it has killed and the chainsaw devil by the number of devils it has killed. 

The gun devil uses the multiple guns present on his body to attack people, staying true to its fear. The flesh of the gun devil has a unique ability; it can heal other devils if it is consumed by them

The gun devil’s scorched flesh can take the shape of bullets, which when consumed by other devils, can regenerate them and increase their strength. The gun devil also possesses amazing speed. It can fire bullets at a superhuman speed which makes it hard for someone to dodge them. 

Chainsaw devil is a hybrid which means he is not a full devil, but that doesn’t stop him from being extremely powerful. The chainsaw devil can use his chainsaws to slash his enemies and can erase their existence.  

The gun devil is far superior to the chainsaw devil when it comes to physical strength and speed. But luckily for the chainsaw devil, that’s not all there is to this fight.  The fight between the two devils will be brutal, bloody, and extremely close; however, the chainsaw devil may win the battle if it is fought fairly.

The gun devil can shoot its bullets with superhuman speed; it managed to kill 1.5 million people within five minutes with its superhuman speed. This will make it almost impossible for the chainsaw devil to dodge. As long as the heart is intact, the chainsaw devil can heal himself as and when he pleases.

However, there is no counter or loophole in the chainsaw devil’s terrifying ability to erase devils from existence. The gun devil can keep its distance but it is doubtful that it will be able to do that for the entirety of a fight. Therefore the odds are in the chainsaw devil’s favor and he will most likely end up winning this battle. 

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