'Halloween Ends': Everything To Know

'Halloween Ends': Everything To Know

The final installment in the David Gordon Green trilogy, 'Halloween Ends' will be releasing this month.

The story will continue after four years of the events during 'Halloween Kills', where Michael Myers kills everyone including Laurie Strode's daughter (Jamie Lee Curtis) Karen after Myers gets away from the residents of Haddonfield beating him.

Now after four years, Laurie is living with her grand daughter writing her memoir to tame the pain and anger from the past. However, the peace of Haddonfield residents gets distorted.

There is again fear and violence looms over the town when Correy Cunnigham, a young boy is suspected killing the child he was baby-sitting.

Now, Laurie Strode has to brace herself to have a final showdown with the menacing force Michael Myers. In the trailer, she is seen wrestling Myers. 

The older cast members like Jamie and Andi Matichak, who plays Allyson will revive their characters. The new additions include Rohan Campbell (Corey Cunningham) and Michael O'Leary's Dr, Mathis.

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