Harry Believed Princess Diana Faked Her Own Death


Harry has made several revelations in his memoir titled Spare. Before the release of the book, content from its excerpts has been doing the rounds recently.

In his book, the Duke of Sussex wrote that he believed that his late mother Princess Diana had faked her death to escape the press.

He was just 12 when Diana died in a car crash in a tunnel in Paris.

Harry talked about how he spent years trying to find out what really happened to her.

Along with his brother, Prince William, Harry has driven through the Pont de l’Alma, the place where Diana died.

They did it to retrace her last moments.

Harry felt it was a trick and “for once the trick wasn’t being played by the people around me, or the press, but by Mummy.”

Her life’s been miserable, she’s been hounded, harassed, lied about, lied to. So she’s staged an accident as a diversion and run away,” he wrote.

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