Harry Styles Splits His Pants Onstage In Front Of His Crush Jennifer Aniston


Harry Styles’ recent concert on January 27 was able to receive a positive response from the audience and it was attended by Jennifer Aniston.

However, Styles witnessed a wardrobe malfunction while he was performing on stage to his song Music for a Sushi Restaurant.

Styles was spotted dropping to his knees and split his pants and he brought a shocking expression on his face.

He concluded his performance with a towel hiding the rip and continued to perform on stage while looking at his bandmates.

The incident happened in front of Jennifer Aniston who was one of the attendees and is reported to be a crush of Harry Styles.

Harry Styles had once confessed that he had a crush on Aniston and all those who attended the event also made fun of the same.

Styles mentioned while speaking to Ellen DeGeneres at her show in 2020 that his first celebrity crush was Jennifer Aniston.

Earlier this week, Emily was caught kissing comedian-actor Eric Andre at a beach in Palm Heights in Grand Cayman.

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