Kim Kardashian cuts Jennifer Lopez out of her snap with Oprah Winfrey


Reportedly, Kim Kardashian cropped Jennifer Lopez out of a snap she posted recently.

The selfie was taken at their friend Anastasia Soare's 25th brand anniversary party on Saturday night.

The picture on her Instagram story shows Kim smiling in the camera alongside Oprah Winfrey.

However, the actual picture had three celebrities in it. The selfie taken by Kim Kardashian herself included Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez was  forced to snip out  due to the social media platform's sizing format.

Kardishian Posted the picture wishing Oprah a Happy 69th Birthday with a caption 'Happy Birthday @Oprah, @Sharonstone said it best last night by toasting to you that you mean the world to the world! Happy Birthday!'.  

 J-Lo posted the full version of the pic with her 233M followers a little after Kim posted her story.

The soiree took place at a private residence in Beverly Hills — which celebrated 25 years of the Anastasia brand, did so with the help of '25 iconic women who inspired her journey.'  

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