Hollywood Star Brian Cox Claims Meghan Markle Always Dreamed Of Marrying Into Royal Family


Brian Cox recently stated in an interview that Meghan Markle was aware that she was getting married to Prince Harry.

While speaking to a Haute Living New York for an interview which was published on Thursday, Cox claimed that Markle always intended to join the royal family before getting married in 2018.

Cox added that Markle always dreamt of marrying Harry and had all those dreams that people usually have in their fantasy.

Cox noted that Markle should not be surprised by the drama she and Harry created by exiting the royal family.

Prince Harry

Brian added that no one can enter a system where someone has been trained to behave in a certain kind of way and then expect them to cut themselves off.

Cox mentioned that he would like to see the United Kingdom move on from the royals and that in his opinion, they should not have a monarchy.

Cox has previously defended Markle and Harry in the past while speaking in Good Morning Britain in December 2022 that they endured something clearly traumatic before stepping back.

The statement comes following the release of Harry & Meghan docuseries on Netflix where the duo spoke on what exactly happened behind closed doors before shifting to the United States.

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