By Rishita Roy Chowdhury

How Accurate Is 'The Crown'?


Netflix’s historical drama ‘The Crown’ has been raking up controversies left and right since it premiered in 2016.

Based on the British royals, it has drawn criticism from the family and their loyal fans over accuracy. The creators have said that the show is a blend of fact and fiction.

So, how true is the portrayal of events on ‘The Crown’? Certainly, some events have been exaggerated for dramatic effects like the trope of Churchill's Assistant Venetia Scott and her death.

Even the feud between the two powerful women - Queen Elizabeth II and UK’s first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was overplayed.

However, Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend’s romance has been depicted as it was. There are contentions over how fiercely the Queen prevented their marriage.

Prince Philip's relationship with his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, has been shown accurately. There was also the pushback of using the family name Windsor over Mountbatten for Queen’s children.

Perhaps Princess Diana’s story is at the eye of this storm. From her eating disorder to the effect that Prince Charles and Camilla’s “tampongate” scandal had on her, all is true.

Well, it will always be a point of discussion about what went behind closed doors in the palace, but their tumultuous lives have given Netflix one of its biggest hits, ‘The Crown’.

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