How Did The Beatles Get Their Name?

In the history of popular music, The Beatles are acknowledged among the most prominent and influential band. Many people still have no idea why the band is called The Beatles, despite the fact that their name is well recognised all over the world. Here's why.

The Quarrymen originally was started by John Lennon in 1957. Paul McCartney joined the group after the infamous encounter with John Lennon in 1957. The Quarrymen underwent yet another name change after McCartney introduced George Harrison to the group.

When John Lennon's best friend from art school joined the band as the bassist, the two are said to have debated potential band names and came up with "The Beetles." They were huge fans of Buddy Holly and The Crickets, and by calling themselves after an insect, they sought to imitate their heroes.

John Lennon described the concept as a dramatic and surreal dream sequence in a playful essay that appeared in the Mersey Beat in 1961. “It came in a vision – a man appeared on a flaming pie and said unto them, ‘from this day forward you are the Beatles with an ‘A’! Thank you mister man, they said, thanking him,” he said.

Most of sources claim that the choice to eventually use the letter "a" was influenced by Lennon's love of wordplay. Lennon subsequently addressed this in an interview. “It was beat and beetles and when you said it, people thought of crawly things, and when you read it, it was beat music.”

Although it would definitely seem that way in retrospect, the Fab Four's transformation into "The Beatles" didn't happen overnight. In the first part of the 1960s, they went under several names.  " The Beatals," "The Silver Beets," "The Beatals," "The Beetles," and even the identical "The Silver Beatles" were some of the names they went by

Given all the probable theories, it is impossible to determine how they came up with "The Beatles." The band also had a reputation for giving absurd answers to interview questions and never taking interviewers seriously. Nevertheless, it's a name that will be forever remembered as one of the greatest bands in history.

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