How Dwayne Johnson Humbled Howard Stern For His Humiliating Behavior 20 Years Ago 


Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. The wrestler turned actor started his acting career in 1999 and landed on The Mummy franchise in 2001, where he was the Scorpian King in the second installment. Since The Rock has come a long way and certainly proven wrong to his ill-wishers.

In 2002, Dwyane was interviewed by Howard Stern and Robin Quivers on the American radio show that perhaps made the guest much uncomfortable. 

Howard constantly roasted then new actor who had recently worked in his first lead role as Mathayus in 'The Scorpian King'. 

Howard's co-host Robin too criticized Dwyane for being the worst guests they have had on the show.

Stern refused to credit Dwyane's acting and further went on to say, "Who’s going to go to a Dwayne Johnson movie? I mean, honestly.”

Facts are concrete and Dwyane has proven both of them wrong in the next twenty years. 

Meanwhile in the show Dwyane maintained a cordial behaviour. Despite cold and harsh comments The Rock did not waiver in his demenour. He was friendly and professional throughout the interview. 

Dwayne has been a part of major franchises in his acting career like 'The Fast and Furious', 'Jumanji', Disney's 'Moana', and recently entered the DC universe as Black Adam. 

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