How Grammy Nominated Kim Petras Uses Religion To Process Trauma?


One of the biggest song of 2022 has to be Sam Smith and Kim Petras 'Unholy'.

The song release in September 2022 was quick to climb the top position on Billboard Hot 100 list. This song created history as Kim Petras became the first artist to have a song on No.1 position on Billboard 100.

Both Kim Petras and Sam Smith are nominated for Grammys in the 'Best Pop Duo/Group Performance' category for 'Unholy'

It is Kim Petras' world and we are living in it! She is everywhere on radio, print interviews, concerts, jam rooms, and even under Sam Smith's gown at SNL!

Despite being on the music scene since 2008, it was 2022 when people recognized her. She has became a trailblazer for the transgender people in the mainstream music industry.

There are several music artists like Shea Diamond, Dorian Electra, Cavetown, and others on the scene who belong to transgender community.

Kim Petras has subverted religion in several of her songs. In 'Unholy', they addressed adultery which is a sin in Christianity in a very sensuous manner staging the song in a supposed Body Shop.

In another son of hers, she creates a scenario which is in tandem with the title of the song 'If Jesus Was A Rockstar'

In an interview with The Associated Press, she said that religion has been a mythology for her since she never got accepted by the god or explored spirituality.

So, she weaponized religion to articulate her trauma, because she always felt that she will go to hell due to her gender identity.

Kim wants to create a safe haven for transgender kids due to the unsafe environment in the United States Of America and the world.

As per the Human Rights Campaign Report, there have been at least 37 fatalities due to violence towards transgender community.

Kim Petras wishes that the trans kids can find refuge in her music  and she can be a person who can make them forget their troubles momentarily via music.=

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