Kanye West Triggered 30 Anti-Semitic Incidents In The USA

Nishant Bhise

Kanye West has harmed his credibility and thinned his finances due to the behavior he displayed in 2022

He has not only caused harm to himself, but his religious and racially charged statements have harmed the society at large.

In October 2022, at the Paris Fashion Week, he introduced 'White Lives Matter' t-shirts subverting the struggles of African Americans.

Later, while defending his fashion statement, Ye hurt the sentiments of Jews warning to go "def con 3" on them.

Due to this anti-Semitic behavior, the entire industry ousted him when Adidas and Balenciaga severed ties with the rapper.

His 2024 Presidential election campaign was the last thread of hope, but he wasted that opportunity spewing more hate.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released a report saying that there are 30 anti-Semitic incidents reported since October 2022.

They also highlighted that Kanye's anti-Semitism triggered anti-Jewish statements leading to vandalism, harassment, hate speech across social media and physical spaces.

As per documents submitted by Nina D. Boyajian, Kanye's former law firm has dropped the rapper officially.

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