How Powerful Is Snake Devil In Chaimsaw Man?

The snake devil is one of the many devils in Chainsaw Man. The snake devil is a devil that shows the fear of snakes. The snake devil is an enormous and giant snake with a mouth made of interlocking arms and hands instead of teeth. This makes its appearance quite jarring. It also has green scales and red eyes with black sclera.

Who Is Snake Devil?

The snake devil as devil possesses all the regular abilities of the devils. It can make contracts with humans for a price. The only known person to make a contract with the snake devil is Akane Sawatari. . 

Akane is the only person to have formed a contract with the snake devil. Akane was also a former devil hunter and she used to work with the gun devil. She also was the secondary bad guy in the Katana Man Arc. Akane gave four of her fingernails to form a contract with the snaked devil. 

Who Is Akane Sawatari?

The snake devil is quite powerful. It can absorb things simply by being told ‘Devour it completely. It can also release them after some time according to Akane’s will.    Sawatari needs to move her hands to activate Snake Devil's powers; if her hands are clasped together, she cannot do so.

What Are The Snake Devil's Powers?

The Snake Devil has a huge mouth that it may use to swallow other demons, then release them later to join it in battle. By doing this, the Snake Devil is replaced by any being that is released, who is then fully healed.

Akane steps in to save the Katana Man as Himeno utilizes the full force of the Ghost Devil to overpower him by utilizing her Snake Devil to ingest the Ghost Devil. She then revives the Katana Man once more, fixing the harm the Ghost Devil did to him.

This is how strong the snake devil is, despite its limited screen time.

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