How Robert Downey Jr.’s Wife Helped Him Fight Addiction

Naveena Prasad M

For Robert Downey Jr,, the role of Iron Man was a great comeback to his acting career after his long battle with his addiction to drugs and drinking.

And it was his wife, Susan Downey who played a great role in helping him out of his misery.

The actor had a fall from grace in the end of 1990s as he was arrested for possession of heroin and cocaine several times.

By 200os, the actor joined court ordered rehabilitation programs a couple of times and finally found success. 

The actor describes those days to be " lowest point in terms of addiction".  He also admitted that he didn't even care about acting again. 

Susan met the ‘Dolittle’ actor while he was acting in the supernatural psychological thriller film ‘Gothika’ in 2003. Susan was the producer of the film.

Susan had made it clear that to stay with her these things should never happen. And this ultimatum worked, 

The actor threw away all his drugs into the sea near the Pacific Coast highway. This helped the actor get back his highly successful career. 

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