How 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' Became A Halloween Classic?

How 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' Became A Halloween Classic?

Among many new traditions, watching a horror film has become an integral part of the Halloween tradition. 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' became of an essential part of that tradition.

Talking about the origin, 'The Rocky Horror Show' was conceived for stage and was introduced at the Royal Theater, London in 1973. It was a 'horror comedy' musical. Written by Richard O'Brien and Jim Sharman, it became successful.

The waves of its success reached Hollywood. Lou Adler, the owner of Ode Records got the adaptation rights for a theatrical release. The 20th Century Fox bankrolled the project for $1.6 million with Susan Brandon and Barry Bostwick joining the original cast.

Unfortunately, the film was a commercial and critical; debacle. After a year of its release in 1976, Bill Quigley, an advertising executive suggested to run the show for midnight shows. So, for the first time after its release, the midnight show was screened at Waverly Theater in New York

It became a rage among people as they started ad-libbing the dialogues, wear the costumes from the film, making traditions related to the film. Like, when Susan Sarandon held the newspaper on her head during the storm scene, people started doing the same.

The film retained the cult status for the representation of the LGBT community. It was an ode to the Rock'N Roll, and the goodness of a B-Grade film. Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite and scientist became a Halloween costume favorite. It became a refuge for people to express themselves wearing gender bending costumes. 

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