Hugh Grant Criticized For Rude Oscars Red Carpet Interview


The 95th Academy Awards witnessed the presence of several well-known faces from the entertainment industry and this also included Hugh Grant.

However, the actor earned the wrath of the netizens due to his rude response during a red carpet interview that was held during the event.

He was being interviewed by model and ABC Oscars red carpet Ashley Graham who tried to ask him a few questions but they were met with seeming contempt.

Grant was spotted rolling his eyes at the end of the interview and this was not loved by the public with a few calling him a total a**hole.

The interview began with Graham asking Grant about his favorite thing about the Oscars and he said after a long pause that the whole humanity is there and that it’s a vanity fair.

The interview continued and Graham asked Grant if there would be any nominees he was hoping would emerge as the winner and he replied by saying that there was no one in particular.

While he was asked about his outfit, he replied by saying that it was his suit. He was questioned about his appearance in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and he answered by saying that he was in the film for around three seconds.

Graham asked that Grant still appeared and had fun and the latter replied again by saying that he “almost” had fun in a snarky manner.

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