Hugh Jackman Wants King Charles To Punch Ryan Reynolds


Hugh Jackman has recently stated in an interview with Sky News that he would love King Charles to join him for a cameo in the new Deadpool movie.

Jackman would reprise his role as Wolverine in the upcoming film and has a jokey rivalry with Reynolds, who will be playing the lead role.

Jackman said that the friendly feud has given him a mixed feeling about returning to the role and he invited the monarch to give him a hand.

He joked by saying that it is fun and excitement and fun but he has trepidation in that and that he has many hours every day with Reynolds.

He said that that it going to be a real mental health stretch for him but is expecting that King Charles might do a cameo in the film.

Hugh Jackman mentioned that King Charles is always welcome to punch Ryan Reynolds as many times as he wants to.

He added that he is a British citizen and the Royal Family is also a part of his family history and recalled that when Lady Di and Prince Charles got married, his father made everyone “come down.”

Jackman stated that they had to watch television that night and he drank champagne and that he would love Prince Charles to play a role in the upcoming Deadpool movie.

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