Interesting 'Facts' about Gods of Destruction. 

Who is the most powerful God of Destruction? Lord Beerus is the most well-known God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super, and all signs point to him being the strongest as well

Who is the weakest God of Destruction? We can assume, Iwan is the weakest God of Destruction. He has the least significance in all of the Gods of Destruction. Also, he looks like a cuddly bear soft toy.

Is Jiren more potent than all Gods of Destruction? Can he beat Beerus Beerus has Hax powers up his sleeve like Hakai, which essentially guarantees that Beerus will not lose to Jiren.

Is Beerus The Stongest In The 'DB' Universe? Certainly not, Whis can equally match Beerus. The characters who can defeat him are Omni King and Grand Priest. 

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