Interesting Facts On Gun Devil

Who Is Gun Devil? Gun Devil is the most horrendous and powerful villain to get rid of in their anime verse. He is on a whole other level from ordinary devil targets and possesses the power to obliterate more than 1 million people in five minutes. Though he is yet to make his debut in the series, fans are curious about the main antagonist to see how powerful they are.

Just as the name suggests, Gun Devil embodies the fear of weapons. His body is made with guns and if anyone eats any part of his body (even if it’s small) that devil will then become the best of themselves in turn of strength. Although he hides in the shadow of the secondary antagonist of the Public Safety Arc, he quickly snatches the spotlight of the Gun Devil Arc.

Gun Devils’ hands and the head is covered with guns like AK-47, M1911, MK18, etc. As devils make contracts to work with their partners, Gun Devil takes money from his contractees. He also sells weapons. Since his body is covered with guns, even Denji has a tough time dealing with him. Gun Devil has incredible speed which he uses to wreak havoc and for mass murder.

Who Does Gun Devil Possess In ‘Chainsaw Man’? Gun Devil possess Aki Hayakawa. He uses his body as a host and his head turns into a rifle. It is one of his abilities to turn anyone either into a weapon or a failure. The fragments of his body parts are stored in different countries, while 30 percent of them remain scattered throughout the world.

Aki’s family was killed in an attack by Gun Devil, so he wanted to take revenge on him. Unfortunately, he himself became the host of his mortal enemy. After turning in a new body he derives the name Gun Fiend. Things are starting to get even more exciting. It’ll be a good idea to follow the anime to be up-to-date before.

Gun Devil's Abilities Gun Devil is extraordinarily quick; in just five minutes, it can kill 1.2 million people across several nations. His body burns while he runs, which is another indicator of his speed. That explains why his works are so widely dispersed. Gun Devil, which was constructed from gun parts, is incredibly tough and can easily fend off attacks from Denji's chainsaw.

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