Is ‘Chainsaw Man’ Banned In The United States?


One of the countries with the biggest viewership is the USA. Due to this fact, it was a great surprise when people on Twitter and Instagram, and other social media sites started saying that Chainsaw man is getting banned in the USA. Read to find out if chainsaw man is getting banned in the USA.

It is difficult to narrow down the start of the rumors or why exactly they started but there are some speculations. The rumors for the cancellation or ban of Chainsaw Man started quite early, it was only the second episode that American fans speculated that the anime might get banned due to its sexual content and violence.

Another reason why this rumor may have started is the tweet posted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in which they talk about a man made of chainsaws and then talk about the risk that chainsaws have and the important safety tips one needs to keep in mind before using one.

 This tweet was meant as a joke and most fans took it as such. However, some people took it seriously and thought that the US government is worried about this show being dangerous and the violence is too much for the audience.

In good news for all the chainsaw Man viewers from the US, no, it is not getting canceled or banned. Crunchyroll remains to be its official streamer for the US and the show will continue to air. 

Chainsaw Man is proving to be a great hit all over the world and it is too big to be canceled or banned based on some false rumors circulating social media. 

 The rumors have all been circulated from highly unreliable sources and hold no credibility. In addition to this, there has been no news regarding the cancellation of the show by any official and reliable channels.

 Therefore there is no chance that Chainsaw Man is getting banned in the United States of America as of now

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