Is Elon Musk And Tesla In Trouble With Regulatory Board?

Nishant Bhise

Tesla has been suffering due to Elon Musk's extensive revamping at Twitter

The Tesla shareholders have been fuming due to the EV's progressively bad performance in regard to its stocks and the users' experience.

The brand's popularity has been sharply receded with their biggest buyers, Democrats and a marginal increase within Republicans as per Morning Consul

The shareholders filed a lawsuit against Musk and Tesla as there was volatility in the market after the announcement of Tesla going private in 2018,  where the investors lost their money.

Now, Elon Musk and Tesla is in deep water trouble with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after a Tweet.

Elon Musk updated via a tweet that the EV will disable the steering wheel alert when the car is on Full Self Driving Mode.

However, it can prove a safety hazard as the system is still in a beta testing mode, which does not make the car fully automatic.

NHTSA is already looking into Tesla's Driving Assist System, where the cars struck "first responders" vehicles and other static vehicles.

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