Is Gisele Bündchen Dating Joaquim Valente?


Gisele Bundchen has been trending online for some time for a few reasons and the major has been her divorce from Tom Brady in 2022.

The supermodel was recently spotted hanging out with Joaquim Valente through Costa Rica and the duo have been spotted previously for several times together in the past.

Gisele shared a picture recently where she was relaxing in the grass and wrote that everything that people hear is an opinion and it is not a fact.

She added that everything people see is a perspective and not the truth. Although she did not explain further, fans were wondering if there was a hidden message behind her words.

A source close to people revealed earlier this year that Bundchen and Valente share a deep personal relationship and he is also a teacher to her and the kids.

Although it is unclear if their relationship will take a romantic turn, the insider added that Bunchen adores and trusts Joaquim and the duo have been spending a lot of time together.

Bunchen got divorced from Brady in October 2022 after being married for 13 years and they are also the parents of two children – Benjamin and Vivian.

Brady also announced his retirement from NFL in February following a career of 23 years where he emerged as a winner in seven Super Bowls.

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