Is Ichiraku Ramen Shop From 'Naruto' Real? 

Fans of Naruto would have already known that his favourite food is ramen. However, did you know that his favourite place to get his favourite meal, Ichiraku Ramen, actually exist in real life? 

It is true and in fact you can even get a taste of the noodled that Naruto craves. How delicious!

The shop that was the model for the one in ‘Naruto‘ was located in Fukuoka’s Kyuusandaimae Shop. Author Kishimoto Masashi has said that he commuted to Kyuusandai during his school days and it seems that this might be why the area plays a role in the manga.

Despite the fact that the original Ramen Ichiraku that inspired Kishimoto is no longer around, there are other branches in Fukuoka. One of these is the Shime branch near the Fukuoka airport. You can get your own delicious bowl of Ichiraku ramen in a different location and the taste as many have professed is out of the world.

The ones who have gone to the shop noted that there are lot of different dishes on the menu. However, one dish always gets over first. You might have already guessed it. It’s Naruto’s favourite flavor miso. Miso Chashu Pork ramen sells for 850 yen (about US $8.48). If you are planning to visit the place, then do not forget to go in Naruto-themed outfit to get the full immersive experience.

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