Is Japan's 2022 FIFA World Cup Jersey Inspired By An Anime?

Following Germany's devastating 2-1 loss to the Japanese squad at the FIFA World Cup 2022, anime fans have taken over social media. Blue Lock is one of the top fandoms in this movement. People are starting to recall that the Japanese team's shirt was created in partnership with the artists of Blue Lock and Giant Killing, which adds to the intrigue.

Adidas, the sponsor, explained the procedure in a marketing video posted on their YouTube page. Tsujimoto further explained that they loved the concept of the blue shirt and white pants worn by the Japanese team during the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany for the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022.

Both franchises' characters have worn this shirt on the covers of special editions. Isagi Yoichi, the main character in Blue Lock, may be seen wearing this jersey on the front of chapter 186. Both mangas hope to inspire a national passion of the sport through this effort, much like Haikyuu did for volleyball.

Yusuke Nomura, the illustrator of 'Blue Lock' said, "I hope that this project will serve as an entry point for people to become familiar with the sport. I would be very happy if many people got interested in soccer through Blue Lock."

Before Japan defeated Germany, the football world didn't really pay much attention to Japanese football. Despite Gundogan's goal from a penalty in the 33rd minute, Japan was able to tie the score in the second half thanks to Ritsu Doan's goal in the 75th. The game-winning goal for his country was then scored in the 87th minute by Takuma Asano.

Japan, which is mostly renowned as the birthplace of anime, is usually made fun of by sports enthusiasts for its relatively fantastical portrayal of reality in sports anime or manga. Along with the increased interest in the game among anime viewers, football fans are beginning to engage with the animanga community. It should be obvious that this change has been heavily impacted by both of these mangas.

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